Stress. That one annoying factor that will always mess with your hormones.

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Stress. That one annoying factor that will always mess with your hormones.

Wonder woman. We see you, we understand your pain, and we are here to help.

As women, we are always putting ourselves in the position to be of service to others. We want to ensure our kids have the best, our partners are supported, our bosses see our worth,  and our friends know that we have their backs. We can give 100% at work and come home to take care of our families without a blink of an eye.

While these characteristics are admirable, living this way can have devastating effects on our health. Have you ever felt tired but wired? Ate really well but still couldn’t move the scale?

Are you depending on things like sugar, caffeine, or baked goods to give you that boost of energy to carry you throughout the day?

Chances are you could have burnt-out adrenals aka adrenal fatigue.

You may remember from one of our previous blogs that chronic stress plays a HUGE role in hormonal imbalance. This is because when our bodies are in a state of stress (emotional, physical, or otherwise), our adrenals respond by releasing energy-giving hormones like cortisol and aldosterone into our bloodstream. At the same time our body shuts off all non-essential bodily processes (digestion, hormone regulation, cellular repair, the list goes on). This state of being is called “fight or flight” and is an evolutionary bodily response to help us survive. In short bursts, this response can be good for us – giving us the energy to finish a project, crush a workout or deal with a temporary emergency. If the stress is long term there can be many negative symptoms that show up.

Symptoms can range from person to person, but these (as described by Sara Gottfried, MD) are the ones we see most common at the clinic:

  • Anxiety, especially in stressful situations
  • Moodiness
  • Emotional instability or excessive emotions
  • Confusion, difficulty with focus, under stress
  • Poor resilience to stress – stress feels too much or unfair
  • Excessive sensitivity to human suffering
  • Irritability
  • Negativity
  • Feeling of victimhood
  • Accusatory (more common in men) or quarrelsome
  • Sharp, verbal retorts
  • Energy: fatigue, especially under stress
  • Skin: inflamed such as with rashes, eczema or psoriasis
  • Autoimmune: predisposed to Hashimoto’s or connective tissue disease
  • Food: sugar cravings, intense hunger, salty food cravings

So what can you do to reverse these symptoms and begin to live each day with energy and positivity? The short answer – support your adrenals! With food, supplements and lifestyle modifications we can support your body to bounce back after feeling defeated for so long. 

By focusing on key nutrients, movement and mindfulness we can help your body become more resilient to stress and will ensure you do not fall back into the same routines. 

However, ‘support yourself’ is something we hear often, but how exactly does one support themselves? 

On April 4th, we will be launching our 6-week Hormone Balancing Program that will be individually tailored to you! This includes weekly group meetings and a one on one session with our Certified Nutritional Practitioner. We will be including nutritional reset meal plans, movement and lifestyle modifications, as well as targeted supplement protocols based on your personal needs. 

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