Our team of experts

Leslie Grant
Clinic Director, Functional Nutritionist, Health coach

Leslie is whole heartedly passionate about facilitating health and wellness education in an easy to understand, accessible manner. As director of Rejuv, her goal is to curate a team of dedicated wellness practitioners and movement specialists that work together to bring optimal health to each and every one of our clients.

Dr. Naran
Physician & Muscular Pain Specialist

Dr. Naran is a Family Physician and a Muscular Pain Specialist, dedicated to healing your pain. He specializes in Trigger Point Therapy and Laser Acupuncture. Rejuv was spearheaded by Dr. Naran and his team in 2016. Together they have developed programs of excellence in the field of weight loss and health rejuvination.

Lead Functional Nutritionist, Educator & Health Coach

Leading functional holistic nutritionist, consults with clients from around the world. She specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease, and customizing personalized health programs for autoimmune conditions, thyroid issues, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, cardio-metabolic dysfunctions, and brain health.

Janette Mason
Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Workshop Leader

Janette's passion for making health accessible comes across in her sessions with clients as well as in the group workshops. She believes that everyone should be equipped with an understanding of their body and how to help it function optimally. With nutrition as the base of her practice, clients leave knowing how to use food to better their health!

Holistic Health + Wellness Strategist

Jane's enthusiasm for health and wellness was born out of her own health journey overcoming chronic illness and burnout. She believes that each person has a unique health blueprint and that with the right systems, support and accountability we can all achieve optimal health. Jane works with clients to help them make big transformation with small changes and tuning into their inner guidance system.

Dhana Musil
Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Dhana has been teaching yoga for 2 decades. Her experience ranges from studio classes, to teaching elementary school programs across the NVSD. Dhana brings a deep and passionate commitment to her practice and shines a light on each and every person that meets her on the mat