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Making Sense of Menopause Program

The Rejuv Method

Making Sense of Menopause Program

12 Week Step-by-Step Personal Health Transformation Program  – Created by Women for Women

  • Nutrition – uncomplicated, honest, simple.
  • Age-Appropriate Resistance Training + Movement
  • Open Discussion – no topic is off limits here – Libido, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Belly weight, Irritability, Brain Fog etc…
  • Sustainable Personal Transformation
  • Authentic Support in a Safe Community of Like-bodied Women
  • *Optional Targeted Lab Work, Review, Protocol (specialized practitioner delivery)

The Rejuv Method has been a decade in the making. Having worked to bring hundreds of women back up the slope of health, women of a “certain age” consistently asked us a few recurring questions

  • What is happening to my body?
  • Is this normal?
  • Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?

Addressing these questions head on we got to work and dug deep into the research. We looked at the science, the stories, the wins, and the back-to-the-drawing-board upsets. We read the literature, spoke with the grandmas, mothers, aunties, sisters, nieces, midwives, doulas, and daughters.

  • Yes some of this is normal, but there is more to the story.
  • Yes there is something – lots of something- you can do about it.
  • No, you are not alone.

Welcome to the Rejuv Method

Using education, practical application, coaching and community, we have come up with a method to help you find the answers and solutions you have been seeking.

  • If you’re here to simply lose weight. This is not the right place for you.
  • If you’re here to learn how to regulate your hormones, balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, and engage in deeper self-care, this is the right place for you.
  • If you’re ready and willing to embrace honest nutrition, and age-appropriate movement patterns, this is the right place for you.
  • If you are prepared to prioritize your health and healing journey as one of the most important things on your daily to do list, this is the right place for you.
  • If you are in this for the long run, the shift in your body composition will be a welcome bonus!


We welcome you with open arms and open minds. Now let’s get started.

Drop us a line if you would like to learn more: rejuvhealthcareinfo@gmail.com



See what people have to say about our most popular program

I can sleep! Having discovered that blood sugar is directly connected to my sleep habits, I have done a full 180 and am now sleeping through the night

Richard D Vancouver, BC

Ann Marie and Leslie helped me finally get to the root cause of my illness. I have never felt better in my whole life. What i once thought was hopeless, has now turned into living my best life ever.

Lisa G - Seattle, WA

Leslie is a balance of brilliance, care and reflection. Her coaching style makes you feel like your best friend and conscience are helping you figure it out!

Robin B. - Chicago

“Leslie not only helped me unlock my awareness and confidence around my body image and lack of focus on my health, but also helped redevelop my own plan to help me move forward. Powerful and intuitive wellness coaching”

Sandra E. - Albuquerque New Mexico

Really enjoyed the experience. I was interested in the nutrition aspect and getting toned. I enjoyed the size of the classes, and the personal attention in fitness understanding as to why I was doing the excercise, and what the benefits were.


I thought it was great. I came in dealing with a lot of health issues, and when I started the exercise program I was a bit nervous about re-injury, but the fitness part of the program was fantastic, it gave me so much confidence that at the end of it I didi the grouse grind 2 days in a row! The food portion was fabulous in that it totally changed my way of thinking about what goes into my fringe and gave me a new appreciation for treating my body like a temple, as it should be! I could put a frame around my fridge, the food looks so beautiful. I can get up in the mornings without hitting snooze 15 x. My brain fog has dramatically lifted, I can focus for longer at work. My clothes fit differently I went down 2 pant sizes. It was a highly worth while program that I would recommend to anyone. It’s worth taking the elements of health, of food, and exercise bringing it all together and really investing in your life.


Lost 27lbs! The program is excellent, we got the right amount of support from Leslie and Nazim. Loved the encouragement from Dr. Naran on Sat sessions where he would show up for the morning stretches. More than anything was the confidence that the advisors gave us in ourselves, that we as individuals could do this! The goal was to understand our bodies, the food we put in, and exercises needed to feel better about ourselves , which goes along way towards feeling and looking better! Enjoyed and recommend it. I have a few gentlemen my age that want to sign up!

Dave M

I’ve lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. For me this is a life changing event. When I made the decision to sign up for the program, my goal was 40 lbs. I’ve lost 20 and am now signing up for another session! Everyone gets to a place where they just have to do something or nothing’s going to change… I got there! I’m incredibly on side with this whole program I think it’s the best thing I have done in years and years. I’m going to be with this program, no deviation, I’m not going to miss a heartbeat as to what I’m eating. I’ve booked an appointment with myself to exercise 6 days a week. I think this was incredibly important in making sure that this happens for me. Leslie’s counselling was exceptional . Karen my wife cooks dinner, but I make my own salads. I love creating that rainbow! I’m not going to stop it’s become a part of my life.

Glen D

This has been a life changing opportunity, I had to do it for my health. I am now off several prescription medications, and my bp is wonderful. My ankle and knees are thanking me for the double digits I’ve dropped. I am so thankful for the rejuv team, and the ladies in my group. It’s been an amazing experience! I will take the tools I’ve learned at Rejuv further with the rest of my life.


Overall a great experience! I feel very good, its been the hardest thing I’ve done in the last 40 years. There is a good balance of nutrition and fitness, and it got me back into the gym.

Christian L