Choosing Facebook over Sex? Why your libido is low and how to address it!

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Choosing Facebook over Sex? Why your libido is low and how to address it!

Every day we work with women who suffer from low libido. Often we won’t hear about it until halfway through our session. Many sum up their lack of sex drive as a result of aging or not feeling as connected to their partner. The truth is that having a healthy sex drive is an important part of living a healthy life. When our libido is high we typically have lots of energy, balanced moods, and a more positive outlook.

So why do we suffer from low libido? The short answer – stress. When we are in a state of prolonged stress (think: work, family or otherwise) our body is constantly releasing the “stress hormone” cortisol. In acute instances, this can be a good thing. Cortisol can give us the energy to figure out problems quickly and to help us navigate tricky situations.

Problems start to arise when we have stressful days, one after another. When this happens, our body is still constantly releasing cortisol but now it needs to steal building blocks from other hormones to keep the cortisol count high. Hormones that are largely affected by this constant state of stress are Estrogen, Testosterone, and Thyroid.

Estrogen: Our female sex hormone, present in both males and females. When it’s in balance with its counter hormone, progesterone, your period arrives on time, your skin is clear, and your moods are generally stable. Some key signs that your estrogen is out of balance: mood swings or PMS, stubborn weight gain on hips and breasts and vaginal dryness.

Testosterone: Our male sex hormone, present in both males and females. When it’s out of balance you may experience a difficult time losing weight, infertility, low sex drive and pain with insertion.

Thyroid: When your thyroid gland is underperforming, you can feel low energy and lackluster in other areas of life. Low thyroid hormone can definitely affect your desire to have sex and can cause other physical effects like hair loss, weight gain, cold hands and feet and more.

How can we correct the imbalance? Aside from moving far away from the person or situation that is causing you stress (unrealistic, we know), you can support your body to be more resilient to stress and to increase your libido naturally.

These are our top three ways to increase your sex drive:

  1. Include a meditative practice into your day. Taking as little as 5 minutes a day to be still and breathe can have a massive impact on your body’s ability to handle stress, which will in turn help keep your hormones balanced.

  2. Think about adding in adaptogens into your daily regime. Our favorite for stress is Ashwagandha. You can use it in powdered form, adding a teaspoon to your tea or smoothie will help you recover faster from stress.

  3. Maca, maca, maca. This is a root from Peru that has been used for decades to help balance hormones and increase libido. Adding in some maca powder to your favorite smoothie or desserts will help get you in the mood quickly!

We have just scratched the surface as to the reasons why we may be suffering from low libido.

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