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6 Week Challenge


$200 CASH BACK; FOR LOSING 20lbs in 6 weeks

It pays to lose weight. That’s right! If you lose 20 lbs in six weeks, you can earn $200!

Are you tired of trying to change the way you look and want some accountability and a boost of motivation? Then throw your hat in the ring and apply now to the 6 Week Challenge! Say YES to start a journey to put your health back on track and change the way you feel.

Enrolment is now ongoing and does require a buddy to train with twice per week.

We will commit to helping you achieve your goals in 6 weeks. But remember, you need to do the work! You are here because you feel you have excess weight to lose. You may have a pair of jeans that you want to fit into again, you may be noticing a shortness of breath or daily fatigue. You are here because you are looking for a change, for a transformation to take place in your life.


What you get


  • Our team leader will discuss your medical history, any pain-related conditions and will need to qualify you for the program prior to joining
  • Accountability with weekly weigh-In’s
  • Before and after photographs, and measurements at the start and end of the program


  • Your Personal Food Guide will have a list of all foods that you can include in your meals for the 6 weeks of Phase 1.
  • 1 x 1 on 1 Nutrition session 
  • Weekly Group Nutrition sessions 
  • Tools and techniques to Implement a Weight Loss Meal plan
  • Nutrition advice that reveals exactly what to do to lose 20 lbs. in 6 weeks (so there is NO GUESSING!) But remember, you need to do the work!
  • Grocery shopping ideas and coaching on how to shop for the right foods.


  • Assessment with our personal trainer at the start to identify body balance and or asymmetries to prevent the risk of injury and to identify corrective methods towards reversing any functional imbalances.
  • Group workout sessions twice a week for 60 minutes each, with our personal trainer

Amazing Support:

We will be with you every step of the way! Private Rejuv WhatsApp groups will be set up to share your progress, to stay connected and motivated with other team members. Tips on Nutrition and Exercise will be shared regularly through the groups.

  • All we ask is that you let us use your testimonial, weight loss progress, video and photographs to share the benefits of the program at Rejuv Health Care.
  • Target weight loss of 20 pounds must be met on the final day to receive $200 refund at the end of the program.
Cost of the Program

The sign-up fee for the 6 week 20-42 Challenge is $595 plus GST. Remember, if you lose the 20 lbs. on the final day of the program, you get $200 back.

How to Apply

If you are interested in making your health priority and want to be committed towards making this happen, please contact us by phone or email.

Due to limited seats, please RSVP by email: info@rejuvhealthcare.com with your full name and contact number.

See what people have to say about our most popular program

Really enjoyed the experience. I was interested in the nutrition aspect and getting toned. I enjoyed the size of the classes, and the personal attention in fitness understanding as to why I was doing the excercise, and what the benefits were.

20/42 Challenge

I thought it was great. I came in dealing with a lot of health issues, and when I started the exercise program I was a bit nervous about re-injury, but the fitness part of the program was fantastic, it gave me so much confidence that at the end of it I didi the grouse grind 2 days in a row! The food portion was fabulous in that it totally changed my way of thinking about what goes into my fringe and gave me a new appreciation for treating my body like a temple, as it should be! I could put a frame around my fridge, the food looks so beautiful. I can get up in the mornings without hitting snooze 15 x. My brain fog has dramatically lifted, I can focus for longer at work. My clothes fit differently I went down 2 pant sizes. It was a highly worth while program that I would recommend to anyone. It’s worth taking the elements of health, of food, and exercise bringing it all together and really investing in your life.

20/42 Challenge

Lost 27lbs! The program is excellent, we got the right amount of support from Leslie and Nazim. and Encouragement from Dr. Naran on Sat sessions where he would show up for the morning stretches. More than anything was the confidence that the advisors gave us in ourselves, that we as individuals could do this! The goal was to understand our bodies, the food we put in, and exercises needed to feel better about ourselves , which goes along way towards feeling and looking better! Enjoyed and recommend it. I have a few gentlemen my age that want to sign up!

Dave M
20/42 Challenge Winner

I’ve lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. For me this is a life changing event. When I made the decision to sign up for the program, my goal was 40 lbs. I’ve lost 20 and am now signing up for another session! Everyone gets to a place where they just have to do something or nothing’s going to change… I got there! I’m incredibly on side with this whole program I think it’s the best thing I have done in years and years. I’m going to be with this program, no deviation, I’m not going to miss a heartbeat as to what I’m eating. I’ve booked an appointment with myself to exercise 6 days a week. I think this was incredibly important in making sure that this happens for me. Leslie’s counselling was exceptional . Karen my wife cooks dinner, but I make my own salads. I love creating that rainbow! I’m not going to stop it’s become a part of my life.

Glen D
20/42 Challenge Winner

This has been a life changing opportunity, I had to do it for my health. I am now off several prescription medications, and my bp is wonderful. My ankle and knees are thanking me for the double digits I’ve dropped. I am so thankful for the rejuv team, and the ladies in my group. It’s been an amazing experience! I will take the tools I’ve learned at Rejuv further with the rest of my life.

20/42 Challenge Winner

Overall a great experience! I feel very good, its been the hardest thing I’ve done in the last 40 years. There is a good balance of nutrition and fitness, and it got me back into the gym.

Christian L
20/42 Challenge Winner

I've released 52lbs in 52 weeks. Mostly thanks to Rejuv Health Care in North Vancouver who supported me through the Weight Loss Grants program. It feels amazing!

Patti Ricketts
Weight Loss Grants Program

Dr. Naran instilled positivity in us that we can make this happen and they will help us through the 90-day program. We were introduced to Leslie who is a very passionate, understanding and kind nutritionist. She set us up for success while making us understand that diet is #1 priority to losing weight and isn’t an easy path.

Lisa Fleishauer
60 Day Program

The entire Rejuv team is very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. From Day 1, we felt as if we were in good hands and the team had our best interests in mind. We were struggling with weight loss and fitness issues due to time management problems.

Siddhartha Sharma
90 Day Program

We love the fact that the program is all under ‘one roof’ so to speak. You have Dr. Naran who is the doctor; Leslie the nutritionist and Nazim the physical trainer (plus Sura who manages all the components). Dr. Naran is very intuitive and compassionate, something that a lot of Western doctors are not.

Lori & Stephen Fields
20/42 Challenge